General Tips

1. I cannot stress this enough: READ THE QUESTION!

2. Once you’re done, check your writing for grammatical or spelling inaccuracies.

3. When you’re stuck, do not panic. Calmly read what you have written so far. Keep referring back to the question so you are sure of what you are expected to produce.

4. Make a simple plan before you write. It can be a mental one, too, if you won’t forget about it!

5. Manage your time well. For example, don’t get so carried away with your commentary that you don’t have enough time to answer the directed writing task. Make sure you allocate time for checking your work!

6. Practice past papers. Once you’re done, get a teacher to evaluate your work.

7. Go through Candidate Responses and Examiner Reports! These will definitely help you understand what the examiners are looking for in your writing.

8. To be a good writer, you need to read. Read a variety of texts, paying attention to the literary techniques used and the effects they create.

9. As a warm-up task, you can find writing prompts online to help you get your creative juices flowing!